Africonology, the home of Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions

Africonology is your partner in providing strategic Quality Assurance and software testing services that will transform the potential of your business. Our experience, talent and skillsets across training, testing and recruitment services assure you of reliable support where you need it the most.

Africonology is a 100% black-owned business situated in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa.

Africonology Expertise

Africonology is a leading South African Quality Assurance and software testing company. We understand the importance of specialised design and professional testing services to drive sustainable growth and innovation. Our service delivery is exceptional, our services extensive, and our skills globally relevant.

Africonology’s solutions and service include:

Digital Assurance

Testing Capabilities and Equipment


Testing Advisory and Guidance

Quality Assurance Digitisation

Quality Assurance Security

We believe in building relationships with our customers that ensure you’re always ready to innovate, digitise and change.

Our Clients and Partners